Man accused of threatening to kill congressman filed lawsuit claiming marijuana law wasn’t being enforced

A Virginia man who authorities say threatened United States Representative Scott Taylor after a conversation about marijuana policy has a history of promoting versus the drug, according to social media and court records evaluated by Newsweek. Wallace Grove Godwin, 69, apparently went to Taylor’s workplace on Thursday. “Scott is having an occasion this Saturday. I am getting my shotgun and do something about this. I will just handle this myself,” he stated, according to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. Then authorities say he pointed at 2 staffers in the space and included, “You 2 are next.” The supposed disagreement took place after he obviously ended up being “irritated throughout a conversation about marijuana policy,” the United States lawyer’s workplace stated.

The evident occurrence was not the very first in between Godwin and Taylor, or his staff. In 2015, Gowdin went to the congressman’s home and obstructed his vehicle with his own vehicle, according to an affidavit the United States lawyer’s workplace launched Friday. When the congressman came outside, Godwin obviously started speaking about marijuana policy before leaving. Another time in 2015, Godwin waited as well as went to his workplace and chewed out his staffers, according to the United States lawyer’s workplace. The event was reported to the United States Capitol Police, according to the affidavit.

Godwin, who appears to pass Wally, has a history of railing versus marijuana. Last October, on a Facebook account signed up to his contact number, he composed, “Marijuana and Social Media is the most significant issue of USA.” Godwin liked many conservative causes on Facebook, along with a page for Taylor. And previously in 2015, in May, he submitted a suit versus the federal government relating to the Controlled Substances Act. Under “declaration of claim,” he composed, “Non-enforcement of CSA 21 U.S.C. 811,” describing the drug law. He appears to have connected a short article about marijuana to his problem.

“Know your realities!” he composed in the problem. “I am a natural born conservative. Check out the Federal law on marijuana. President Nixon overlooked the Federal law on marijuana. Marijuana has been changing the minds of the American people since the early 60’s. Check my truths! This is the FACT!” For the “quantity in debate,” he noted $500 million. He represented himself in the event. It was ended last October, 6 days before he published on Facebook about marijuana.

Godwin had his very first court looks in this matter on Friday afternoon. Authorities have charged him with threatening to murder and attack some U.S. authorities, and he confronts 10 years in jail. Godwin’s family might not be grabbed discuss Friday, and it was not right away clear if he had employed a lawyer or if one was designated.

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